Ashtion’s First Tack Bra Experience

Ashtion is back shooting with FetishXpress, this time to experience a “Tack Bra” and describe the experience.  Her tits are smaller now than they used to be (a 36B now), so we have her to wear a sports bra over the top of the “tack bra” in order to compress the tacks into her chest.  And then while we are setting up for the shoot, we learn that she loves to wear corsets as well… so a few minutes in, we have her laced into a cheap corset (on top of the sports bra and “tack bra”).

The entire shoot was for two hours while wearing the “tack bra” (plus some before and after interview time) and we added a count down timer to the video segments so that everyone knows just how long she has been wearing the bra. Then we time lapse edited the entire 2+ hour shoot down to approximately 26 mins (including the beginning and ending interviews).

Ashtion’s First Tack Bra Experience (1080p Full HD)
Ashtion’s First Tack Bra Experience (540p)