Sweetness & Jim Long – Scene 3


Sweetness and Jim Long in their next scene together later that day.  This time around, Jim was treated to several long slow blow jobs through out the 30+ minute scene.  Oh, there’s plenty of different positions as well, such as reverse cowgirl, doggy, etc.  But roughly half of the 30+ minute scene was of Sweetness licking and sucking Jim’s cock, eventually ending in a facial for Sweetness.  Also includes about half a minute of Behind-The-Scenes footage after the scene had ended.

Sweetness & Jim Long – Scene 3 (1080p)
Sweetness & Jim Long – Scene 3 (540p)


Roxy Marie & Jack Hoff






While driving through the Western US the AbsoluteDeviant crew met a nice couple, Roxy Marie and Jack Hoff. Roxy was a little shy, and both were a little nervous, but they wanted to see what fucking on camera was like. After the first minute or so, I honestly think they forgot the camera crew was even in the room with them. They even commented after the camera stopped how easy it was compared to what they were expecting.

Roxy Marie & Jack Hoff (1080p Full HD)
Roxy Marie & Jack Hoff (540p)


Sgt Semen Auditions Roxanne

Sgt Semen has the honor to audition lovely Roxanne in her first on camera video scene.  In fact, as we later learn after the shoot, this was a day of many “firsts” for Roxanne.  It all starts with a slightly nervous Roxanne, as Sgt Semen takes command.  Sgt Semen takes his time to ensure that Roxanne enjoys what he has in store for her.  Some slow pussy eating, with a slow blow job in return, followed by several fucking positions, one of which includes a quick anal surprise by mistake.  And all of this happens with hardly any sound from Roxanne.  It all ends when he cums on her ass, and he is even gentleman enough to clean her up afterward.  Now, what we learn off camera after the shoot was that this was not only the first on camera sex scene for Roxanne, but also the very first time that Roxanne had gone “all the way” with a man.  She admitted that she had played around with guys and toys in the past, but she had never had a real cock in that hairy pussy of hers.  WOW!  And the anal surprise was most definitely a first, but she took it in stride, again with hardly any sound.  But given how many new experiences this was for Roxanne, I think it now makes sense why she was so nervous, shy, and quiet throughout the shoot.  Finally, the “day of firsts” wouldn’t be complete without some “firsts” for the cameraman himself.  Learning a brand new camera, with a brand new light which kept going on and off throughout the shoot.

Sgt Semen Auditions Roxanne (1080p Full HD)
Sgt Semen Auditions Roxanne (540p)